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Did you think it was complicated getting into Bhutan?
Where is it, exactly?

Getting into Bhutan might be a little different, but it is not difficult. Bhutanreiser specializes in travels to this amazing country, and we think more people should experience it.

You can chose from our suggested itineraries, or we could help you put together an itinerary taylored specifically to your hearts content.

You can also join us on one of our group trips where we travel and learn something together.

You need to experience this country

With us, you can influence how the itinerary for your trip will be. We will help you and advise you on how your trip to Bhutan can be everything you dreamed of.

Our group trips often include an element of education. We try to offer some form of course while we are travelling.

This December you can learn how to be a better photographer while we are travelling around in Bhutan.

Join us for a photography course


In December 2018 we will travel to Bhutan to become better photographers.

We will have our own exhibition and vernissage in the capital, Thimphu.

A tour leader from Bhutanreiser will come along.

What kind of trip would you like?


This package gives you an insight into the buddhist traditions of Bhutan. It includes special permits to holy places, and offers opportunities for guided meditation and teachings from high Lamas from local monasteries.

Perfect for spiritually oriented people!

Recomended group size: 5+

Recomended season: All

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Gross National Happiness

This package is arranged as a work-shop on Gross National Happiness (GNH). It includes lectures from GNH experts, visit to GNH project sites, farm stay and interaction with local villagers.

Happiness is a place called Bhutan!

Recomended group size: 7+

Recomended season: All

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Royal Enfield

Experience Bhutan from the a motorcycle! Feel the freedom and the horsepower along the most spectacular roads in the Himalayas.

Includes a local guide and experienced mechanic to make sure this is a trip you and your gang will never forget.

Recomended group size: 3+

Recomended season: Spring, Fall

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Glimpses from Bhutan

See this video to get an idea of what might await you

Glimpse of Bhutan.

Posted by Tourism Council of Bhutan on 16. mai 2017
If a government can not create happiness for its people, there is no reason for its existence - Bhutans ancient legal code

Bhutan is the happiest country on earth. They have introduced the term Gross National Happiness as a mesure of development and progress, rather than focusing on production and consuption. This is a Buddhist country that places great value and pride on its traditions. Here you can visit marvelous monasteries buildt in the most incredible locations.

You can also experience colorful rituals and festivals, that are actually celebrated by the locals, and not just for the benefit of tourists.

Book early!

Get 1000 kr. off per person

Book your trip before September 1st 2018, and get 1000 kr off per person. Go for it! You will not regret it!

Photo art from Bhutan

Presenting beautiful photos by photographer Gerben Groustra.

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